Fairy Tail

My favorite anime of all time is Fairy Tail. It is about a group of friends in a guild. The guild’s name is Fairy Tail. They use magic to defeat bad guys. The main characters are Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, and Erza Scarlet. Here is a picture of them (The guy on the far left is not part of them): 15755012174_f28dc41699_z





Picture: BagoGames


Natsu is in the middle with the pink hair, Gray is on the left with the blue hair, Lucy is one the right with the yellow hair, and Erza is on the far right with the red hair. Natsu uses fire, Gray uses ice, Lucy uses celestial spirits that come and fight wiith her, and Erza uses blades magic (she can make any type of blade appear and she can change into armor really fast. She has an armory.)

Overall, I really like this anime series, and I really recommend it to anyone who likes magic and those types of things.


  1. Hi Axel,
    Great post but I wonder if you could add some links to other websites about this anime group. Is there a video clip you could include from YouTube?

  2. Marianne Ella

    Hello Axel!

    I don’t really see many posts about anime and when I found that you posted something about anime, I was really excited to read what you have wrote. I also Like Fairy Tale, it was the first anime I watched where there are fighting scenes.

    Come and and visit my blog as well okay?

    • axelw20

      Nice blog. Especially the poem Come Take My Hand, and the post about Japan. Anyways thanks for liking my post. My favorite in Fairy Tail is Gray. Do you like any other anime? I am in the process of watching Dragonball Super right now. And I really like it. You should definitely watch it.

  3. Eito

    Thank you for telling me about your favorite animation. I’m not detailed about animation, but I sometimes see the animation. Do you have any other favorite animation other than “Fairy tail”?

    This is my blog’s link!

  4. Ahmed

    Hi Axel!
    I have watched a bunch of anime and I am currently deciding which one I should start, Fairy Tail or Bleach? I know that they are both quite long so I need to make a final decision. Thoughts?

  5. seb20

    HOW AXEL?????
    U FORGOT HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anyways, nice post. It was interesting to learn about your love for Fairy Tail. I read Fairy Tail (the Manga) and am at the last updated chapter, However, out of the approximate 50 series that I have read or am reading, it is not my favorite. In fact, it is probably in my top 15 but not my top 5.
    1: One Piece
    2: AOT
    3: Naruto
    4: World Trigger
    5: OPM or Blue Exorcist

  6. rahmabainah

    I really loved yor blog. I watch anime show like fairytale and i love it. My favourite charecter in fairytale is Erza. I also watch The seven deadly sins, One peace and Attack on titan. If you dont watch these shows you should watch it.

    • axelw20

      I like the seven deadly sins. Especially Ban. Of course I watch Attack On Titan and my brother keeps me up with One Piece whenever he comes. I also watch Dragonball Super and Kuroko no Basuke.

  7. lianalizggms23

    OMG this used to be my favorite show I loved it it was the only thing that I would watch a couple of months ago.

    Please check out mt blog at lianalizggms23.edublogs.org

  8. Samantha

    Hello Axel! I love Fairy Tail as well. I don’t have a favorite character, they are all too good! And, i think Erza’s magic is called Re-quip magic. Anyways, what season are you on? I am on season 6 episode 37. Almost caught up! The other Anime that i watch is Attack On Titan, The Devil is a Part – Timer, Avatar (Yes I know it is Nickelodeon, but it is still good), Haikyuu, and others. Thanks for reading!

    Here is the link to my blog; https://samanthakgms23.edublogs.org/

  9. 20lleas


    This is the first time I see a blog post about an anime, so great job on thinking outside the box and writing about different things. I also like watching anime, what other anime would you recommend? I would really like to watch some.

    • axelw20

      Hi. First off, thank you for liking my comment. I don’t really watch a variety of anime, but I could recommend you something like Gundam.

  10. zeldaisd20

    Everyone always forgets Happy 🙁
    Anyways, great post!
    I kinda like all animes, so it’s hard to choose my favorites.
    But what I THINK are my top 5 favorite animes:
    1. AOT
    2. Mirai Nikki
    3. Another
    4. Akame ga Kill!
    5. Guilty Crown

  11. 2021bas

    Hey Axel, I love this anime as well! You forgot about Happy! Happy is always hipper and excited. He also knows whats best when Natsu and Lucy try something but ends up in a pickle. If you like this anime, you should watch Attack on Titan. Its really good, and I think you will enjoy it. Come check out my blog! 2021bas.edublogs.org

  12. naaniisd20

    Hey Axel,
    You did a great job with this post. Fairy Tail is also my favorite anime. The character I like the most is Lucy. First because she is cuddly but has a strong personality and fights for what she believes in. Second because she is an aspiring novelist as I am.
    Who’s your favorite character and why?

  13. Stephanie

    Hi Axel,
    It’s rare to find post about topics I’m interested in. Also, I LOVE Fairy Tail, and as I write this comment, I’m watching it. My favorite character has to be Wendy even though I can’t explain why. If you could pick any magic ability, what would it be? Check my blog here: http://stephchang8704.blogspot.com/

  14. oskar

    Hello Axel
    My name is Oskar I love anime is well since you like “Fairy Tale” so much which is anime about sorcery, spirits, adventure, and friendship I recommend this anime which has the same features called “Zero/Unlimited Blade Works.”

  15. Hawa

    Hi there Axel I have watched a few episodes of Fairy Tail but I wasn’t as attached to it like you. My friend Hannah told me to watch the first episode. to be honest i’m not that into anime. should I try watching it again?

    • axelw20

      You could definitely try to watch it again, but you can’t force yourself to like it. If you like it, sure go ahead, but if you don’t want to watch it, don’t.

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